Spider Series Pro 1050W

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CannaLED is known internationally for these quality lights that delight thousands growers around the world. With the spider pro range CannaLED wants once again to show its know-how in terms of horticultural lighting. With its bar format it will adapt to all types of rooms well-known culture and it will give you a return to make Peter Parker tremble !

Minimum area: 120cm x 180cm | Max area: 150cm x 250cm | Product size: 113.5cm x 166.3cm | Consumption: 1050W



Spider PRO Professional efficiency

The world of LED cultivation is booming , the market is saturated with products of more or less good quality and each manufacturer uses their data to make you buy.

At CannaLED we think differently. We have always offered simple and effective products for indoor cultivation. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, our aim is to offer you products that are easy to use and increasingly efficient.

We have noticed that in this race for performance, it is sometimes difficult to disentangle the true from the false and to know which lighting is beneficial for our culture.

After months of research and development to design a product in line with our values, we are pleased to present to you a range with 100% optimized performance for your plants . In addition to providing you with a product adapted to the needs of your plants , we want to provide you with innovative and useful solutions in the use of your lighting.

Nothing beats a Spider PRO !

Spider 1050W PRO

CannaLED offers you TOP BIN White LEDs from PHILIPS on its lights, producing high levels of PPFD performance , up to 2835 µmol/s and very high efficiency up to 2.8 µmol/J . As well as Deep Red LEDS from the OSRAM brand. The Spider Series PRO 1050W will perfectly cover growing areas ranging from 120 x 180 cm up to 150x 250cm.

Full Spectrum UV + IF

Thanks to infrared and ultraviolet rays, your plants can unlock their full potential to reduce diseases, trigger photosynthesis and develop their size while firming them up.

Unlike our competitors, these are directly included, since this extra spectrum is only needed in the later stages of flowering, we have placed it on a separately controlled channel so you can decide when you use it . Thus eliminating energy waste and avoiding unwanted stretching during the early stages of plant growth.

Lighting adapted to your plants

After months of work on the benefits of the light spectrum on plants, our teams specialized in photosynthetic research have arrived at the culmination of the optimal spectrum dedicated to growth and flowering.

No loss of photons all the watts consumed by the Spider PRO 1050W are converted into energy which will be used to fix the CO2 into sucrose.

Thanks to our new lighting, master one of the 9 cardinal parameters perfectly in order to obtain the best possible result.

Just the right size, in six formats

a channeled innovation

When you acquire a Spider Series PRO 1050W , you are in no way buying a marketing product, but a quality product designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts . Our vocation “to grow and make you grow together” , our interest is not to sell you a product, but to offer you the best indoor growing experience.

This is why all products in the Spider Series PRO range are designed with “DUAL-CHANNEL” technology called Photon Booster.

This technology is broken down into two parts on all the LED bars of your Spider Series PRO 1050W , a full spectrum part composed of white LEDs and deep red LEDs (660nm) and the other part composed of UV and IF diodes . This spectrum will allow optimal growth for your plants by providing them with all the photon needs necessary for root development and floral development.

The white LEDs will provide all the blue and red light needs for your plants which will stimulate the absorbing pigments and convert them into electrons. This energy transmitted to the chlorophyll will be used after multiple photochemical actions for the exponential growth of the plant. The deep red present on the “Full-Spectrum” channel will allow the plant to grow and increase by 10% in size.


The CannaSmart Touch Light Controller (sold separately) is a full-control LED light main panel, allowing you to harness the full power of our entire Spider Series LED lighting line.

It adopts very high quality signal cable, it removes all possibilities of signal loss or low transmission which are very common for normal control systems.

Data sheet

Power consumption
1050 watts
Cultivation area
150cm x 250cm
Full Spectrum - Growth and Flowering
Recommended distance from the canopy
Plug & Play
Thermal management
Passive cooling
Zero noise
Temp working environment
-25 to +45°C
70 000h
Manufacturer's warranty
5 ans