A CannaLED innovation !

The Spider Series PRO are equipped with a revolutionary technology, thanks to the infrared and ultraviolet LEDs, you will allow your plants to unlock their full potential to reduce diseases, trigger their photosynthesis and develop their size while firming them up.

The 6 different sizes will fit all possible grow box sizes, the novelty is that from now on you will be able to get rectangular size lights!

The Spider Series PRO will also allow you to deport the power supply in order to take 100% advantage of the finesse of its lights that you can put as you wish.

The Spider Series PRO lights are guaranteed for 5 years. To request warranty services, you will need to send us pictures of the product and describe the problem by email to the following address: info@cannaled.eu

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase. Misuse or failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions will not be covered by the warranty.


Power in it's raw state !

At CannaLED, performance is a necessity, which is why we have created the Rhino Series PRO range for you.

If you are looking for high-performance lighting, delivered complete and easy to install, then discover the PRO range of Rhino SERIES LED horticultural panels now! The lighting is supplied Plug & Play. No need for tools or specific connection

Thanks to this new version, you will be able to grow efficiently indoors, whether growing or flowering. This high-end lighting has an impressive spectrum in 3000K, 5000K, with 660nm deep red LEDs, UV and Infrared!

Discover CannaSMART, the one-of-a-kind control system.

It adopts very high quality signal cable, it removes all possibilities of signal loss or poor transmission which are very common for normal control systems.

Thanks to its innovative technology, you will be able to simultaneously control up to 200 Spider Series PRO lights.

Discover CannaGREEN, the dedicated lighting system to observe your culture while they are resting.

Our CannaGREEN adopts very high quality green lighting, it will allow you to see and take care of your plants without waking them up. Plants are hardly sensitive to green light, they have no receptor for this color.

So we created magnetic lighting that will only turn on in the dark and turn off after 15 seconds if there is no movement.

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