Rhino Series PRO 130W

Rhino Series PRO 130W

Are you looking for a high performance lighting system, delivered, complete and easy to install? Discover now the PRO range of Rhinos Series LED horticultural panels! The lighting is delivered Plug & Play. No need for tools or special wiring.

Lighting area : 80cm x 80cm | Product size : 30cm x 30cm | Consumption : 120W

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Rhino Pro, raw power!

The Rhino Series PRO uses high quality and powerful components for indoor growing. The LEDs used by these horticultural lights are among the best LEDs on the market.

Our horticultural panels are made up of Samsung LEDs, but also include a MeanWell power supply. Thanks to their full spectrum, these lights optimize the development of indoor plants. Each lamp also comes with a European plug for easy installation.


Rhino Pro 130W

Discover the Rhino Series PRO 130W, the evolution of the Rhino 130 V3! This new version is ideal for growing and flowering crops in an area of 80 x 80cm. The Rhino Series 130W PRO features the latest Samsung LM301H LEDs specially designed for harsh environments (especially when growing horticultural crops).

This bright red panel has a full spectrum of 3000K, 5000K, 660nm Red LEDs ideal for optimizing plant flowering as well as Infrared and UV. Placed at about 40cm from the canopy of plants, it will offer an impressive light penetration, for a successful harvest !


The Rhino Series 130 PRO has a high-end MeanWell power supply. It consumes 120W and will save you a lot of electricity (and money) compared to an HPS lamp. This LED light is equivalent to 180W HPS.

Thanks to its built-in dimmer, you will be able to perfectly manage the intensity of the panel, lowering the intensity slightly during growth, then increasing it gradually until flowering.

The Rhino Series 130 PRO has a perfect design. With its red color, curved shape and high quality workmanship, it fits perfectly in a box.



In the package containing your Rhino Series PRO, you will find:

  • Rhino PRO 130W LED horticultural lighting
  • A suspension kit with pulleys
  • MeanWell power supply with dimmer to control the intensity of the lighting
  • A power cable with European plug

Sold 100% Plug & Play – Ready to install

Easily manage light intensity

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