SPIDER Series 230 - 100cm x 50cm - 4 bars Expand

SPIDER Series 250



Spider Series 250 is the perfect lamp for growing indoors during the growth and flowering phases. This powerful and ultra-efficient lighting is composed of 4 LEDs bars of 100cm, and the best Samsung LM301B LEDs on the market. It also has a MeanWell power supply.

Area of ​​culture: 180cm x 90cm

Size: 100cm x 50cm

Available in 3 sizes

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499,17 €

Spider Series 250 is a powerful LED horticultural lamp for growing and flowering indoor plants. Consisting of 4 LED bars Samsung LM301B high efficiency, this lighting offers quality and an exceptional culture.

It has a MeanWell power supply with IP62 protection. Thanks to its passive heatsink, you will avoid too much heat in your growing box as well as annoying noises.

Spider Series 250 measures 100cm x 50cm, for an optimal lighting footprint of ​​180cm x 90cm.

Spider Series 250

Spider Series 250 is composed of 4 ultra-powerful LED bars for growth and flowering. These bars have been carefully selected by our teams to provide a successful plantation and culture! Thanks to the alignment of the bars (that you can modify with the key that you have provided), you will be able to light your plants with a homogeneous light, perfectly diffused.

The Spider Series Spectrum is also a significant advantage as it offers a variety of shades easily absorbed by plants.

Dimmable LED Lamp

This lighting is also dimmable. You can find his dimmer option on the CannaLED store

Spider Series dimmable

Spectrum of Spider Series

Spectre Spider Series