Rhino Series 130 V3 CannaLED - 2 Expand

Rhino Series 130 V3



Rhino 130 V3 is a powerful horticultural LED grow light for growing and flowering indoor plants. It uses Samsung LM301B LEDs Quantum Board and 660 nm deep red LEDs.

This panel is also dimmable, you can manage the intensity of the lighting.

Powerful LED Grow Light - White Spectrum - 3500K

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  • LEDs Samsung LM301B - Quantum Board
  • Full Spectrum White and Deep Red 660nm
  • Life expectancy of approximately 50,000h
  • Square area: 60cm x 60cm
  • Waterproof power connector (IP67)
  • Sold with EU plug / 100% dimmable


  • High Efficiency LED Panels - White Spectrum - 3500K
  • Emits an intense light
  • Guaranteed 3 years
  • High rate of penetration in the canopy
  • Cost of very low electricity consumption
  • Optimized for growth and flowering

The complete spectrum of RHINO 130 V3

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