Rhino Series 560 - 3500K CannaLED - 1 Expand

Rhino Series 560 - 3500K



RHINO 560 is a powerful LED horticultural panel for growing and flowering indoor plants. It uses Samsung LM301B LEDs and 660 nm deep red LEDs. This grow light is composed of 4 panels QB-312 high efficiency. You can also vary the light intensity since this lamp comes with a dimmer.

Powerful LED Grow Light - White Spectrum - 3500K

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  • Ultra-efficient electronic plate - QB 312
  • LEDs Samsung LM301B
  • Full Spectrum White and Deep Red 660nm
  • Life expectancy of approximately 50,000h
  • Max square area: 1,2m x 1,2m
  • Waterproof power connector (IP67)
  • Sold with EU plug
  • Sold with Dimmer


  • High Efficiency LED Grow Light - White Spectrum - 3500K
  • Emits an intense light
  • Guaranteed 3 years
  • High rate of penetration in the canopy
  • Cost of very low electricity consumption
  • Optimized for growth and flowering

Each of the 4 panels has 312 LED "chip", to provide a more intense and homogeneous lighting for your plants. This panel has been studied to optimize the growth and flowering of plants indoors.

Full Spectrum of RHINO 560 V3

Test - Square area